Religious Grace — Pastor Brad Snyder

TEXT: Jonah 4

SERIES: Redemption Songs

DATE: Apr. 22, 2012

DESCRIPTION: Having reached the end of the book of Jonah we anticipate a neat wrapping up of the story. God has saved a massive city from evil and destruction, but what we now see is that this story apparently has very little to do with Nineveh. The end of the story focuses on Jonah and shows us a prophet who has had his concept of God completely rocked and his chief idols threatened. He accuses God of injustice, dishonesty, and promiscuity. Then, rather than striking him down for his defiance, God pursues him. God demonstrates His love and grace for him. But what about us? We accuse God of injustice in His wrath. We act as if He is a liar. So how does He respond to us?

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