The Season of Lent

AshWed_2014_Web_pagebannerThe season of Lent reveals a story of the Gospel; a trajectory of reflecting, rejoicing, and responding leading us out of the ashes of our sin and death and into the glory of God’s redemptive mission.

Download our Lent Season weekly prayer guides: [PDF’s]
Week 1 – Through March 16
Week 2 – Through March 23

In Scripture, ashes and dust symbolize frailty and death (Genesis 18:27), sadness and mourning (Esther 4:3), judgment (Lamentations 3:16), and repentance. Ash Wednesday is a call to remember our sin and our frailty and to come to God with a repentant heart, mourning and confession our sin. We remember our beginning as dust and ashes, in sin and in death.

Ash Wednesday (March 5th) marks the beginning of the 40 days of Lent. Lent is a season of reflection and repentance. Our hope for us this season is straightforward—more of Christ. The season of Lent is marked by times of prayer, repentance, petition, and fasting from things to remind ourselves that we find more contentment in the giver than the gift, reminding us of and focusing us on our longing for God.

But we are not left in our sin, trapped by death. God sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, to die our death, to pay our penalty.

On Good Friday, (April 18th) we reflect on the immense sacrifice that Jesus Christ made, leading us to deep gratitude and sorrowful repentance.

This season, however, doesn’t end with reflection and repentance, it leads to rejoicing. Jesus rose to life, defeating death and sin. In this, we rejoice greatly! We will celebrate Jesus’s resurrection on Easter Sunday! (April 20th)

We have been raised from the ashes of death and brought into the glorious presence of God. Rejoicing is not meant to be contained within ourselves. Rather, we respond joyfully by and demonstrating the Gospel with acts of service, love, and justice, calling all to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation.

We invite you to join the Veritas community for this season of Lent in light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus that we have been invited into.

Ash Wednesday Prayer and Worship, March 5th, 6:00pm and 8:00pm (two identical gatherings) at the Short North Building
Good Friday, April 18th, 7:00pm at Upper Arlington High School
Easter Sunday, April 20th, 10:00am at Upper Arlington High School