The Original Act Like Men

By Pastor Nick Nye, Lead Pastor of Veritas Community Church

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Dudes, we’re screwed. It’s hard not to see that manhood is gone with the wind. Granted we’ve got more books, pamphlets and conferences then ever that lay out grandiose pictures of what a man is—still it seems men are straight up trapped. We are trapped in stereotypes, we are stuck in endless ideas of what we should be. Can I say again?—We’re screwed.ALM_evox

David Gilmore wrote his famous quote in Manhood in the Making, “Manhood is the defeat of childhood narcissism.” Gilmore is right, however men have to put to death the carried over, grown-up narcissist as well. If you would pop over to wikipedia you could learn a little about the origin of the word narcissism, that it “originated with Narcissus in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.” Men love their own image. Whether it is a bearded, camo’d-out hunter or a skinny jean urban hipster, we see our image as our identity. But Gilmore is calling for the same action God calls for- defeat of our own image.

This is what Act Like Men is all about.

The purpose of Act Like Men is to challenge men to fight for the radical transformation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their personal lives. The Apostle Paul exhorted the men in the Corinthian church to be watchful, to stand firm in the faith, to act like men, and to be strong (1 Corinthians 16:13). Above all, men will be challenged to examine their lives and to kill sin wherever the Holy Spirit makes it known through conviction.

If you are still not convinced to be a part of this gathering let me give three truths it’s not going to be and three truths it is going to be.

It’s Not Going To Be…

Macho: You won’t leave feeling the need to buy a hammer to justify your manhood. Granted, there will be plenty of no-nonsense macho-ness happening but our aim is not going to pound our chest like cavemen and yell “Act Like Men.”
Stereotypical: There is plenty of issues to work through that are typical to men and we will address those at the conference but our aim is to get to the deeper issues of the heart- not just the typical man stuff.
Boring: How could 600 men packed into a room singing the gospel, hearing the gospel and encouraging one another in the gospel be boring? Have you heard 600 men singing “In Christ Alone” – that would be worth registration.

It Is Going To Be…

Humble: All the speakers are humble men. We are not going to flash how great we think we are or how big our ministries are because again, we are not here to talk about us- but about Jesus. Instead of putting our best foot forward, let us participate with humility.
Biblical: We love the bible and see Jesus as the solution for us taking our gaze off our pool of water to see God. We see that to act like a man we must look like our brother Jesus and listen to the Spirit of God.
Community: Bring a lot of men from your churches and experience community with other men. There is always great friendships formed and unity spurred on.

The fourth annual Act Like Men Conference is one month away and during March I’ll be posting articles and information about the conference from our speakers and leaders. Don’t delay in registration because it always sells out.

More information and registration is at