Veritas Gathered: Preparing for Sunday – March 23rd, 2014


The sermon this week will be taken from Genesis 2:18-25. Marriage is a multifaceted institution that was beautifully and lovingly created and established by God. Join us, regardless of your relationship status, as we discuss a biblical view of marriage.  This sermon will apply to everyone because maybe marriage wasn’t created for you specifically. Who was marriage created for? Join us this sunday and find out.


How often do we simply forget the extent of God’s majesty and holiness? Clearly, if we are honest with ourselves, we forget this truth daily. Our “Call to Worship” this week serves to bring our hearts and minds back to God. Throughout our days we stray from God and focus our worship on things of little consequence.  When we gather as one body on sunday we are blessed with an opportunity to collectively and individually direct the focus of our worship back towards God the Father, through Jesus Christ, with the help of the power of the Holy Spirit.

L: Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom. One generation will tell of Your works to another; they speak of Your mighty acts and proclaim Your faithfulness. Together, we celebrate the glorious splendor of Your majesty—and we will meditate on Your wonderful works. We tell of the power of Your awesome works—and we will proclaim Your great deeds.
C: We will join with all generations as we celebrate Your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of Your righteousness.
—Adapted from Psalm 145:3-7



Check out this list of some of the songs we will be singing together this week:

  • “Entrance” – a song that beautifully presents story of the Gospel- that we are broken and in desperate need of salvation!
  • “Everything Is Yours” – a new song that simply reminds us that all things belong to God.
  • “God is Good” – another new song that helps us remember that regardless of what our circumstances or life in general looks like, that ultimately God is good. This is where we find sustained peace and satisfaction.

Here is a link to a Spotify playlist.

Even though our arrangements might be slightly different, listen through these songs and see the great truths that they speak about our God and then come prepared to sing them out loudly and joyfully as a gathered church.

See you Sunday!