Advent Study Guide

Looking for a guide to study the Bible and prepare your heart and mind for the celebration of Christmas this year?

This 85 page advent workbook explores Jesus’ scandalous family history. You’ll notice that Jesus genealogy is made up of sinners, tyrants, idolaters, and the “outsiders.” Along with Scripture, this book employs comprehension, interpretation, and application questions to help us think more deeply about God’s plan of salvation and how Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises we see throughout the Old Testament.

Each week also has a “family devotions” section to guide you as you disciple your children through advent.

Rather than following the advent calendar, this book follows the 25 days of December, starting December 1st, so that you can use and reuse this book in coming years.

A free digital version will be made available by December 1st, but the printed book contains space for taking notes, fill in the blanks, and writing responses and prayers.


Week 1
Day One: Abraham
Day Two: Isaac
Day Three: Jacob
Day Four: Judah and Tamar
Day Five: Rahab
Day Six: Write the Word
Day Seven: Prayer

Week 2
Day Eight: Boaz & Ruth
Day Nine: Obed & Jesse
Day Ten: David
Day Eleven: Solomon
Day Twelve: Rehobam & Abjam
Day Thirteen: Asa & Jehoshaphat
Day Fourteen: Prayer

Week 3
Day Fifteen: Write the Word
Day Sixteen: Jehoram & Uzziah
Day Seventeen: Jotham & Ahaz
Day Eighteen: Hezekiah
Day Nineteen: Manasseh & Josiah
Day Twenty: Judah’s Exile and Return
Day Twenty-one: Prayer

Week 4
Day Twenty-two: Write the Word
Day Twenty-three: A Final Word
Day Twenty-four: Silence
Day Twenty-five: Mary, Joseph, and the Birth of Christ


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Chad Davis
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Mark Bennon
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Jeremy Hart
Katie Wenzel
PJ Wenzel

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