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Veritas Community Church is a citywide church made up of multiple neighborhood focused congregations that seek the glory of God and the welfare of Columbus through gospel transformation. Our Tri-Village congregation is the only one without a permanent space to reach and serve the community it calls home. After nearly six years of faithful ministry out of the Barrington Elementary school, Tri-Village is on the hunt for a building to anchor the church’s grander mission of gospel proclamation into the area of Northwest Columbus.

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A Permanent Space to Call Home

We desire to provide a space for us to equip our members to proclaim the gospel, serve the city and reach the lost. Owning a building would eliminate the excessive manpower we expend to maintain baseline church operations in an elementary school. We could increase our impact in the city by liberating our staff and members from tedious mobile gathering management to more ministry-focused efforts. This would include worship gatherings, weekday and weeknight trainings, bible studies, band practices, office space, church meetings, and community-service initiatives. Just as we have used our building at the Short North to provide space to partners, we would also make our building available to the community for a wide variety of city-serving purposes.
Three Reasons we are looking for a space:

Need Home Base

Not having a space to meet beyond Sunday morning has increasingly hindered our ability to train and equip our members as well as reach and serve the community.


We are outgrowing Barrington’s space. Based on our growth trends, we’ll exceed capacity in less than a year.

Misplaced Energy

Transforming the school into a gathering space for a church of 350-400 people consumes our volunteer time and energy that keeps us from pursuing other ministry opportunities.

New Building for Tri-Village


We feel led to seek a space that is west of 315, inside 270, and south of 161. However, that area is also among the hardest areas in the city to find and purchase real estate! We are looking for a space that is about 15,000 square feet; we won’t be able to buy land and build, or find a space and then start the process of raising the finances. When something becomes available, we will have to be able to jump on it immediately! This is a huge step of faith, but it is one the the elders and members have affirmed, and we believe that God is leading us in this. We know this will require all the faith our prayers can afford. It’s a part of Veritas’s DNA to plan church communities in areas that are most in need of Jesus, including areas that involve risk.

Mill Run Area
Another area that could be a potential blessing is the Mill Run area. We see how accessible it is for so many neighborhoods and yet at the same time it’s close and easily a short drive for the majority of members we’ve already been pursuing.

Henderson Rd/Bethel Rd/Reed Rd
Reed Rd connects Upper Arlington all the way to Columbus, Worthington, and Dublin. This is an area of our city that we’d love to see a gospel-centered church engaging the community and proclaiming Jesus, to see areas that have been traditionally broken and divided reconciled in Christ. We’d love to see God provide a space there.

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Sinking Deep Roots

May, 2017
Over the past 5 years Veritas Tri-Village has been blessed to call Barrington Elementary Home. It has been a great place for us to plant and become a church family. Looking through some old pictures you’d see 4 rows of chairs and two classrooms for the children ministry! Obviously since those early days, things have changed. We now have more people serving in our worship, kids, and connect teams than we had attending when we launched! As many of you have reached out to your coworkers and neighbors, God has added to our number, in fact, through this year we now average well over 300 on a Sunday morning and have had one gathering wth over 400 people, including over 130 kids! We thank God for growing his church, and this blessing brings with it a future transition: we are outgrowing Barrington. As hard as it has been to set up and tear down each week, we are thankful for the way gathering in a school has shaped the culture of Veritas Tri-Village. You are a humble, serving, flexible, and patient people who love each other and Jesus, far more than you love your own convenience; and we as your elders pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to work that fruit into our lives no matter where we gather together to worship….Read More.

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