Hurt In Marriage | Brad Snyder

12 08 2014

Luke 6:32-36, a passage about loving your enemies, is not often read with marriage in mind. But marriage is a context where enemies are often made.

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Sexuality | Nick Nye

Sexual immorality has become normal, and the church is not exempt from it. But Jesus takes us outside ourselves and roots us in something much deeper.

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Doubt | Josh Remy

Doubt comes in various forms. Sometimes it challenges the believer’s intellect. Other times it attacks the believer’s emotions. The good news is that God can handle doubt. Jesus died for the mistrust of his people and gifts them with faith.

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Depression | Brad Snyder

11 19 2014

TEXT: Psalm 42 DATE: November 16, 2014 DESCRIPTION: Our culture leaves us ill equipped to deal with the pain of depression. And yet we know that depression is a pervasive struggle. It’s complex and misunderstood. This […]

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Depression | Nick Nye

11 18 2014

TEXT: Psalm 42 DATE: November 16, 2014 DESCRIPTION: Depression has become a wide-sweeping problem. It takes over lives, defining and shaping its victims. But depression is not a reliable voice. God speaks a better word. Psalm […]

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