Church Planting.

We planted Veritas because of a deep love for the local church and a desire to be obedient to God’s mission to make disciples of all nations. We look forward to the day when the Great Commission is fulfilled and all have heard the gospel of Jesus, and we believe that it will take many different churches all over to bring about that day. That is why we passionately invest in church planting. We have invested in church planting in several ways, partnership, sending, multi-congregation planting, and training.

Church Planting

We have invested in church planting in several ways, partnership, sending, multi-congregation planting, and training.


In an effort to reach the US we have started the Sojourn Network with several other churches. The Sojourn Network exists to multiply churches in North America and beyond in order to advance the gospel. With this partnership we have been able to plant many churches all over North America.

We are also in partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention, both locally and globally — to plant more churches. The SBC is the largest missions sending organization in the world and we are thankful to partner with them to plant more churches and missionaries around the world.


In addition to our networks and denominations, we have been able to commission our own church plants. Our hope is to send a church planter and missionary from our church every other year to the nations. We have supported and sent:

  • Gary and Hannah Aston, who planted Redeemer Leeds in Leeds, England.
  • Gabe and Monica DeGarmeaux, who helped plant Scarlet City Church in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus.


Our multi-congregation strategy is nearly identical to our church planting strategy. We hope to plant many Veritas congregations around central Ohio to create a strong region of churches with a tightly knit DNA. Currently, we have four congregations throughout Central Ohio.


Regional micro-conferences, coaching, resourcing, and residency are integral parts of our church planting plan. We are beginning to host a micro-conference two times a year, bringing in seasoned, on-the-ground pastors, church planters, and theologians to focus in on an area of growth we all need. The micro-conferences are also designed as opportunities to network and develop friendships with hundreds of others in our region.

We also want to help churches with coaching. From worship arts to preaching, several of our pastors have been trained to coach church leaders. Part of coaching involves resourcing. We can resource you with all that we have learned and all the materials we can give.

Finally, we offer a residency. Our residency is designed for those who have been approved to plant and need a home-base to prepare. Beginning in 2014, we will offer stipend to approved church planters to spend 6-12 months with our church to be sent out.

Questions about Veritas church planting can go to


Primarily, we engage in the work of missions by helping plant churches. We are convinced that it is through the local church that the Great Commission will ultimately be fulfilled. Thus, we work with church planting efforts from Ohio to England and East Africa to saturate our city, state, and world with gospel-preaching churches.

We do missions because we have been commanded to make disciples of all nations and we desire to see Jesus supreme over all tribes, tongues, and nations. We see that Scripture tells us that everyone is a missionary; Veritas wants to be a community that asks where you should engage in mission. Not only do we want to engage all the nations here in Columbus, but we want to send missionaries throughout the world.

Veritas is involved in missions by:

  • GIVING our time, treasure, and talents to support church planting and missionary efforts
  • SENDING missionaries — raising up, equipping, and caring for missionaries
  • GOING out as missionaries, extending the work of the church around the globe
  • WELCOMING the nations which have come to Columbus with Christian hospitality and the Gospel

Details about Missions at Veritas

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