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Veritas Central Childcare Overview


Provide excellent care by creating a safe, caring, and stimulating environment for kids who are under the care of Veritas childcare staff and management.

Scope of Care

Veritas will centrally organize and provide childcare for church-wide events which are listed below:

  • Church-wide member meetings
  • Core4 classes
  • Marriage classes

We accommodate childcare, for the following congregation-specific events:

  • Member meetings
  • Foundations classes
  • Elective classes
  • Trainings: bootcamps, deacon meetings, strategy meetings etc

In the rare case that we are not able to adequately staff an event, please understand that we will not provide childcare so that we can be compliant with the legal adult to child ratio of 1:5.

For all other events, we will ask that requests for childcare include a detailed description of the event and why it may be important to the related ministry.

Request Childcare


Requests for congregation-specific events must be submitted 5-6 weeks in advance so that the childcare director can determine if the event can be adequately staffed.

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