Classroom Training

Classroom Training: Schedule

Introduction to Veritas Missions
Biblical Basis of Missions – Peyton Hill (Highland Baptist)
Veritas Missions, Local and Global – Matt Hamilton
Reading: Introduction to Global Missions: chapters 2-6

Character Traits of an Effective Missionary – Matt Hamilton
Reading: “The Marks of a Spiritual Leader” by Piper
“Adoniram Judson’s Advice to Missionary Candidates”
“Missionary Qualifications” by Wright

Team and Community in Missions – Nathan Garth (Sojourn Community)
Reading: On Being a Missionary (pp.265-294) & “Missions: A Team Effort” by Wright

Intro to Church Planting and Local Teams – Matt Hamilton
Intro to Church Planting Strategy
Local Teams and Your Development

Evangelism – Matt Hamilton
What Is the Gospel?: The Necessary Elements
Evangelism: Biblical Definition, Principles and Examples
Tools: His Story and My Story

Discipleship – Matt Hamilton AND Cohort
What Is a Disciple?
Discipleship: Biblical definition, principles and examples
Tools: Short and Long-term

Abiding in Christ – Matt Hamilton
Biblical Prayer and the Great Commission – Matt Hamilton
Spiritual Warfare and the Great Commission – Matt Hamilton
Marriage, Family and Singleness Overseas – TBA
Theology of Persecution -Matt Hamilton
Your First Term Overseas – TBA

Required Reading and Listening Before Commissioning

(In relation to ‘Character Traits of an Effective Missionary)
Read: One of the following Missionary Biographies

  • J. Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ by Roger Steer
  • The Autobiography of Hudson Taylor: Missionary to China

(In relation to ‘Team and Community in Missions’)
Read: Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

(In relation to ‘Abiding in Christ’)
Read: Abiding in Christ by Andrew Murray
Read: Holiness by J.C. Ryle
Listen: “I’m Dead to That” by James MacDonald

(In relation to ‘Marriage, Family and Singleness Overseas’)

(In relation to ‘Theology of Persecution’)
Read: One of the following Histories of Persecution
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe
Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand
Jesus Freak’s Vol. 1 by D.C. Talk and Voice of the Martyrs
Jesus Freak’s Vol. 2 by D.C. Talk and Voice of the Martyrs

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