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Sermon Series on Luke 15

Jesus told a lot of parables to communicate the message of the gospel. In Luke 15 He tells three parables, but perhaps the most shocking is the Parable of the Two Sons. In this parable we see bold love, restoration, repentance and forgiveness. The good news that Jesus brings to us is that all sinners are welcomed to the party, but only those who see themselves for who they really are will accept the invitation.

Week 1 – Luke 15:1-10
Week 2 – Luke 15:11-24
Week 3 – Luke 15:17-32
Week 4 – Luke 15:17-32

The Arabic Graphic Explained

The arabic lettering in the graphic is arranged to summarize the relationship between the two brothers to their father and his house. Kenneth E. Bailey explains the typography in The Cross and the Prodigal:

The decorative Arabic calligraphy says “And he said, ‘A certain man had two sons.’”The characters on the right symbolize the younger son, who stands outside his father’s fellowship in rebellion. The older son (the characters on the left) seems to have a tenuous hold within the house, but in reality he too stands outside.

Graphics like this serve as visual tools for Christian missionaries when they share stories cross-culturally.


Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
May 30, 2016Jesus As Our AbilityLuke 15Rob Meyers
May 29, 2016True Older BrotherLuke 15Brad Snyder
May 29, 2016Freed to CelebrateLuke 15:29-32Joe Liu
May 29, 2016The True Older BrotherLuke 15: 25-32AJ Johns
May 22, 2016CelebrationLuke 15:17-32Joe Valentino
May 22, 2016CelebrationLuke 15:17-32Ryan Stanley
May 22, 2016CelebrationLuke 15:11-32Brad Snyder
May 22, 2016CelebrationLuke 15:17-32Aaron Lockhart
May 16, 2016Kissed by GraceLuke 15:11-24Joe Byler
May 15, 2016The Kiss of GraceLuke 15:11-24Ryan Stanley
May 15, 2016Grace AboundsLuke 15:11-24Aaron Lockhart
May 15, 2016The Kiss of GraceLuke 15:11-24Scott Hambrick
May 8, 2016Jesus Welcomes SinnersLuke 15:1-10Wes Thompson
May 8, 2016Sinners WelcomeLuke 15:1-10Nick Nye
May 8, 2016Jesus Welcomes SinnersLuke 15:1-10Aaron Lockhart
May 8, 2016Jesus Finds SinnersLuke 15:1-10Brad Snyder
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