Community is not just coming to church on Sunday. Though we value our gatherings, community comes when we see that as Christians we are brothers and sisters in Christ, we are part of a new family that we hope to grow and build as we learn the truth of the gospel together. In light of this we live every day as a people in community — like a family.

We encourage you to become an active member of the body, investing in the people around you and passing the peace you receive from God to one another. We are also a church that wants to be “in the city, for the city”, believing that we are called to be a light and a voice of the gospel in the city around us.

Community Groups:

At Veritas, we hope you will invest and grow in relationships with one another. Oftentimes, this occurs during the week at Community Groups, where you can go to pray together, wrestle through biblical text, and apply it practically and meaningfully to your everyday life. It is here that we live life together, and remind one another of the gospel throughout the week.

There is no pressure to have all the answers at group. Instead, these different groups meet throughout the city and offer a safe and open environment to explore questions and to celebrate joys as a home and family. Groups also spend time investing in the city together, regularly using their meeting times to volunteer and reach out to larger needs in the city.

Check out our list of groups and leaders near you. You can also connect with someone at church and tag along to their group to check it out for yourself.

Veritas’ Student Ministry:

Our children’s mission does not stop with the fifth graders. Veritas Students actively seeks to see the lives of middle school and high school students transformed by the gospel. At Veritas, we hope to live our lives in light of the gospel, and we want to see our youngest members walking along with God. With our student ministry, we hope to communicate and teach the deep truths of the Gospel to the next generation.

Veritas Students gathers each Sunday during the 11am Gathering at the Short North campus as well as the last Thursday of every month for “The Gallery” — a worship experience specifically designed for middle school and high school students.

Venue/Art Gallery:

Veritas is a church that loves its community and wants to support the city around us. God has provided us with a wonderful space and we want to share it to build a relationship with the Columbus community. We offer a space not just for worship, but also for serving one another by playing host to art shows, concerts, community events, and benefits (to name a few).

At Veritas, we love art, music, and the chance to experience things together as a city. We hope that the building will house more than worship on Sundays, but also an active and vibrant community living out the gospel day-by-day.

For more information on using our space, have a look at our “Connect” page.

To learn more about what we believe about Community and how we live that out as a Gospel rhythm, we recorded a sermon in a series around our 3rd