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Our East Congregation has come to a close.

Our East Congregation has come to a close

After nearly three years of public ministry on the east side, we have come to terms with the discontinuation of Veritas East and our public worship gatherings at 2866 Noe Bixby Rd.

Even though the east congregation didn’t take shape in the ways we’d planned, God’s transformational works are undeniable. We have seen the beauty of the gospel in the lives of children through outreaches like summer lunches, movie nights, youth events, “Trunk or Treat,” and other neighborhood initiatives. We have seen leaders grow as preachers and ministers. We have developed partnerships and relationships, and we have seen people find new life in Christ.

In August 2016, Rosalie Carter, a long-time resident on the eastside, was baptized at Veritas Community Church. As she grew tired of running from God Rosalie said in her baptism testimony video: “Lord, send me somewhere that I can get the truth, and in November I came to Veritas. I sat here and I listened. I listened, and I listened. I had seen the love here. No one put barriers here. I could come as I am.”

Veritas means “truth” in Latin. We believe in the truth of the gospel and the beauty of redemption. We have seen hearts turned toward God through the work of his church. We strive and trust God for a city where Jesus Christ is Lord and we are free to be real, at the same time sinners, saints.

Our priority over the next few weeks is to care well for those who call Veritas East home by walking with them through this transition. We believe that part of this process includes gathering to celebrate what the Lord has done in and through Veritas East. Over the next few weeks, we will create space for this. East’s last gathering will be Sunday, October 1st.


When’s the last Sunday?
Sunday, October 1st. While we could continue meeting corporately, we believe the best way for us to care for each other and take steps toward what God has next for us all will be through fellowshipping over meals, coffee, and bonfires, as families and individual brothers and sisters.

Where will people be encouraged to go?
Our hope is that those who desire to be a part of Veritas will join one of our other congregations. For those who feel called to stay on the East side, we hope that they would join our partner church Maranatha. Again, our hope is to meet with those who have called Veritas East their church home to walk with them and help them discern where the Lord may be leading them.

Will Aaron continue to be a pastor at Veritas?
Through this transition, Aaron will remain an elder at Veritas and part of the Full Council of Elders. The elders are walking alongside the Lockhart family as they seek the Lord for their next step.

What will happen to the building?
The East building is currently being used by other ministries and churches. We desire to see this continue, so in the short term there will be no drastic changes to our ownership of the building.

Who made this decision?
The process of making this decision happened over many months. As Pastor Aaron mentioned at the Veritas Members Meeting in June, the East leadership team was leading their congregation in a process of vision/mission clarity and alignment through the recent months. The Leadership Council and Full Council of Elders supported and encouraged this process. Aaron and the East leadership team reached the conclusion that the congregation didn’t possess what would be necessary for them to reach the neighborhood in a healthy way. This decision was processed with the Leadership Council and was taken to the Full Council of Elders who approved East’s closure.

Are any other congregations struggling like this?
There’s no question that this has been a challenging season for Veritas as a whole, with some congregations feeling that more than others. With that being said, there is great unity among the Full Council of Elders and a shared hope in the future the Lord has for Veritas. We believe that the remaining congregations of Veritas are on a trajectory of health.

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