The Core Four are the fundamentals of Christian living and learning. These classes will teach you how to understand the bible and how to grow in your love for Christ.

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Part 1: Biblical Interpretation – January 4
Part 2: Community and Care – January 11
Part 2: Christian Formation – January 18
Part 3: Christian Mission – January 25

Classes are held at the Short North building, 345 E. Second Ave.

Bible Interpretation

How do we know if we are understanding the bible properly? That’s something all of us have thought at one time or another. This class will give you the necessary tools to help you better understand the meaning of scripture and then consider how we ought to live in light of that revelation.

Community & Care

How do we care for those around us? What do we say or do to really help those who are struggling or those who seem to be doing fine? This class helps us learn to live into our identity as a family and begin to really care for one another as a family.

Christian Formation

What does it mean to “grow” as a Christian? What are some practices that help Christians grow? This class looks at some classic practices of the Christian life and helps us understand how they often foster a deeper love and affection for Christ.

Christian Mission

Why is community so important to the Christian life? What role does it play in God’s plan for the world? This class looks at how community is part of evangelism and tells the world of the glorious story of God’s grace.

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