Veritas Framework

Chapter 1: Introduction

The policies and procedures discussed here are guidelines for the operations of the Veritas Community Church and promote the effective stewardship of resources in each congregation. Policies explain what and why particular work is done. Procedures explain how things are done. Policies and procedures are not meant to be restrictive, but to offer parameters within which we may organize and develop our work and witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This resource is designed to help our leadership with the effective management of our church and its ministry, with decision-making, and with accountability. Additionally, this tool will contain information that will facilitate our management of legal risks and help us shield our church and its leaders from possible litigation. The Bylaws of Veritas Community Church govern all policies contained herein. Any policy in conflict with Veritas Community Church Bylaws shall be superseded by those Bylaws. These policies and their application are intended to comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. This manual supersedes any previous manual and/or written or unwritten policies. Veritas Community Church reserves the right to establish, administer, change or eliminate policies, guidelines, benefits and procedures at any time.

Policy Approval Process

An official policy creation, review, acceptance, and update process has been created so that everyone in the church can understand the policy process:

  1. A policy need is identified by the congregation, an elder, deacon, or staff member
  2. A draft is created by the staff and reviewed by the congregation’s lead pastor; input is sought from those most affected
  3. Once in final form it is presented to the Leadership Council for approval
  4. The policy is distributed and added to the Policy Manual by the preparer
  5. The policy may be revised by the Leadership Council at some later date
  6. The policy may be rescinded by the Leadership Council at some later date
Amendments & Alterations

These policies and procedures or any provision contained herein may be altered, amended, repealed or restated by approval of the appropriate pastor(s) and/or leadership council.


Manual Preparers: Katie Chow, Geoff Davis

Chapter 2: Guiding Documents

All policies and procedures are based on a number of key documents: the Bylaws of Veritas and our church movement vision, mission and identified Core Values. These documents are provided here so that all leaders and staff (paid and volunteer) will have easy access to them. Having a clear understanding of these documents will lay a foundation for understanding and implementing the policies that follow.

Chapter 3: Theological White Papers

The following theological position papers are truths from Scripture that we have restated as our beliefs at Veritas Community Church. Our theological confession and theological vision express themselves in our ministries and methods in our congregations.

“A theological vision is a vision for what you are going to do with your doctrine in a particular time and place.”  Tim Keller, Center Church

Chapter 4: Ecclesiastical Foundations

The organizational leadership as outlined and expressed at Veritas Community Church.


Elder Descriptions

Chapter 5: Operational Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are invaluable for identifying and delegating responsibilities, preserving a consistent level excellence, and protecting church leaders and the congregation. Policies will cover broad areas such as leadership, ministres/programs, facilities, finances, and general administration. Procedures will explain how things are to be done.


Finances : Budget : Controls : Debt : Fundraising (in process)

  • Financial Policies & Procedures
  • Budgeting Process
  • Collection Confidentiality
  • Offering Collection Protocol
  • Housing Allowance
  • Leadership Salary Philosophy
  • Compensation Team & Philosophy
  • Non-cash Donation Letter
  • Credit Card Policy


Chapter 6: Communications

Veritas’ unique identity inspires our branding, internal, and external communications. For detailed information, visit

You can find information about internal communications here.

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