Childcare Director.


All of ministry is a calling. For some, that is a calling to ministry in their vocation. For others, ministry is their vocation, if only for a season. From the Pastor to the newest of part-time employees, Veritas staff role is a ministry role and is shaped and envisioned to advance the ministry and mission of Veritas Community Church.

Childcare Director

The Central Childcare Director is responsible for the building, developing, and implementing of childcare systems, managing the Veritas childcare staff, and overseeing events where childcare is provided. This Director will aim to provide excellent childcare by seeking the safety and wellbeing of Veritas’ kids. This role provides direct support to the childcare staff, members, and kids of Veritas.

Classroom Supervision:

  • Supervise childcare events to ensure policy & procedure implementation
  • Provide direct childcare in place of a staff worker as necessary (class is off ratio, etc)
  • Maintain childcare supplies such as cleaning materials or classroom activities

Human Resources & General Administration:

  • Dedicate time for the evaluation, research, and creation of policies and procedures to ensure Veritas is up to date with legalities, best practices, etc
  • Communicate with parents and workers as updates to policies and procedures are implemented; be able to answer questions and concerns
  • Administer childcare staff interviews as needed
  • Conduct background checks
  • Coordinate workers to provide childcare at Veritas events
  • Manage childcare staff payment
  • Develop training for employees and administer quarterly or as needed (can work with Veritas Kids Directors)
  • Train new hires
  • Foster a healthy, communicative staff culture


  • Very experienced with providing childcare
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Familiarity with general business practices such as legal policies, operations, finance, human resources, and communications
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, calendar and email systems, and Google
  • Ability to create processes, manage and execute policies and procedures, and identify and address needs/complexities within the ministry

EXPECTATION OF TIME: ~8-10 hours per week (part-time)
DIRECT SUPERVISOR: Central Operations Pastor, Geoff Davis

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