Mercy Coordinator.

Short North Congregation

All of ministry is a calling. For some, that is a calling to ministry in their vocation. For others, ministry is their vocation, if only for a season. From the Pastor to the newest of part-time employees, Veritas staff role is a ministry role and is shaped and envisioned to advance the ministry and mission of Veritas Community Church.

Mercy Coordinator
for the Short North Congregation

Your ministry description determines the programs, projects, responsibilities and relationships you have ownership over. This document determines the things by which you will be held accountable to on an operational basis. As a foundation to this document you are first accountable to Jesus and his mission, secondly to pursuing your Christian maturity, including regular participation in the Veritas community, exhibiting a growing ability to articulate, live out & teach the mission & vision of Veritas, and a personal commitment to the mission of God in your areas of influence.

CHARACTER: We value consistent sensitivity to God, the practice of spiritual disciplines and healthy family dynamics

  • Commitment to a daily devotional time that includes prayer and God’s Word
  • Commitment to seasons of fasting and prayer
  • Commitment to faithfully shepherding your family first
  • Commitment to staff community time
  • Commitment to evangelism, discipleship and regular hospitality to strangers
  • Commitment to tithing to Veritas as a way of modeling biblical stewardship

CHEMISTRY: We value living in community with others and working in teams

  • Commitment to live in community with believers through a community group
  • Commitment to be involved in global & local missions
  • Commitment to resolving conflict and refraining from gossip or backbiting
  • Commitment to creating family margin within ministry
  • Commitment to submit to authority of pastoral leadership

COMPETENCY: We value a strong work ethic, professional development, and apprenticing

  • Commitment to be prompt and prepared for meetings and project deadlines
  • Commitment to pursue work and serving the body even outside your ministry description

Expectation of Time: 20 hours per week
Schedule: Monday-Thursday with the occasional weekend event – schedule determined by staff and approved by supervisor
Direct Supervisor: Director of Veritas Mercy, Justice, & Outreach, Amy Byler Gingerich
Length of Employment: This is a 12-month contract position which may or may not be renewed.


Reporting to the Director of Veritas Mercy & Justice, The Mercy Coordinator serves as one of the visionaries and engines behind all Mercy operations. VM exists to transform our city with the Gospel by equipping Veritas as servants of mercy and reconciliation; it is the mercy arm of Veritas Community Church that works closely alongside Veritas justice and outreach initiatives. The Mercy Coordinator assumes day-to-day operations associated with the mercy programs, including leadership over our work with the homeless, Tuesday Tutoring, Emergency Assistance, and more. The Mercy Coordinator will work closely with the VM Director and Pastors to train individual volunteers, community groups, and build strong partnerships in our city in order to develop and implement ways to serve our city, while leveraging the resources and assets available at Veritas. The Mercy Coordinator will also sit on the Veritas Outreach Team, helping the church think and act strategically around how to engage our neighbors.


  • Veritas Short North Staff Meetings, Mondays 1-2:30pm
  • Weekly Check-In’s with the Director of Veritas Mercy & Justice
  • Work closely alongside other Veritas staff members to ensure strong church culture integrated with mercy work

Continue Development and Implementation of Veritas Mercy Programming

  • Tuesday Tutoring with RTNI in Milo-Grogan
  • Homeless Initiatives: Mid-Day Group, Advocates Program
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Neighborhood Presence: Monthly Neighborhood Nights in Weinland Park and Milo-Grogan
  • Community Arts Camp (alongside Director of Kid’s Ministry)
  • Momentum Gardens
  • Continue growth of Veritas’ Partnership with Cultivate CDC in Milo-Grogan

Engage and Equip Veritas Members for Gospel-Centered Mercy Work

  • Build strong volunteer teams for each ministry
  • Intentional discipleship with mercy ministry leaders/deacons
  • Train and assist CG and CG Leaders on how to do gospel-centered mercy work together

Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Must be well-versed in Christian Community Development principles
  • Able to work in a variety of settings with diverse families and communities while being culturally sensitive and appropriate.
  • Experience working in an inner-city, diverse setting
  • Demonstrated ability to manage an operation and lead a dynamic team with a gospel-centered perspective
  • Strong social skills, including demonstrated supervisory, mentoring, public speaking, and team-building experience
  • Ability to convey the mission & vision of Veritas Mercy to interns, volunteers, church leaders, neighbors, and the general public


  • Maintain theological, budgetary, and visionary perimeters
  • Hold fast to Spirit-led convictions and guidance in decision making
  • Must regularly attend Veritas Short North as a member in good standing and actively participate in a Community Group.


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