We all know that learning is vital in the Christian life. We want to live in light of our redemption by learning the gospel and teaching it to one another in love. When we stop learning about God, we get apathetic, arrogant, and judgmental. But the problem is theology doesn’t always seem practical. That’s why Veritas offers classes that anyone can incorporate into their life.

Currently, Veritas offers Foundations Classes, Formations Classes and internships.

Sermon on Learning

Foundations Class

Veritas Foundations is a class that talks about everything that makes us what we are as a church and who we are as believers, laying out the vision and values of Veritas. This is a great opportunity to be able to meet the pastors as well as the people of Veritas and begin to connect with our rhythms in a real, personal way. Veritas Foundations is required for all new members.
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Formations Classes

Formations classes address areas of growth in the Christian’s life. There are two types of Formations Classes: “Core Four” and “Electives.” The Core Four are fundamental to Christian living: biblical interpretation, formation, mission and community. The Electives are focused areas of study that pertain to certain stages of life, interests, or giftings.
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