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Artist Statement


Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
March 19, 2017West Sermon 3.19.17Matthew Chris Lawson
March 19, 2017Worship God OnlyMatthew 4:8-11Aaron Lockhart
March 19, 2017A Kingdom Without a CrossMatthew 4:8-11Brad Snyder
March 12, 2017Authority in a Postmodern AgeMatthew 4:5-7Wes Thompson
March 12, 2017Jesus’ Temptation: Part 2Matthew 4:5-11Joe Byler
March 12, 2017Temptation to Test GodMatthew 4:5-7Aaron Lockhart
March 12, 2017Temptation and TruthMatthew 4:1-7Brad Snyder
March 5, 2017Jesus’ Temptation: Part 1Matthew 4:1-4Nick Nye
March 5, 2017Testing the Son’s FleshMatthew 4:1-4Aaron Lockhart
March 5, 2017The Temptation of JesusMatthew 4:1-4Wes Thompson
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