Prayer Guides

This season of prayer as a church, as well as this five week prayer guide, are designed to help you respond to the God who has already started the conversation with you. For the next five weeks, carve out 20 minutes in silence and stillness to talk to God, just the two of you. Talk to your community group about your experiences and how you see God moving through this time.

Week 1
Week 2


Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
October 15, 2017The Kingdom and Will of GodMatthew 6:10Joe Byler
October 15, 2017Kingdom ComeMatthew 6:10Brad Snyder
October 9, 2017Our Father in HeavenMatthew 6:9Mason Good
October 9, 2017Short North Sermon 10.8.17Matthew 6:9Patrick Knable
October 8, 2017Prayer: A Firm FoundationMatthew 6:9Wes Thompson
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