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Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
February 26, 2017East Sermon 2.26.17No Scripture
February 26, 2017The Baptism of JesusMatthew 3:13-17Brad Snyder
February 26, 2017The Baptism of Jesus ChristMatthew 3:13-17Nick Nye
February 26, 2017The Baptism of JesusMatthew 3:13-17Wes Thompson
February 19, 2017Transcendent Becomes ImminentMatthew 3:11-12Brad Snyder
February 19, 2017The Effects of RepentanceMatthew 3:11-12Joe Byler
February 19, 2017The Good News and Bad News about RepentanceMatthew 3:11-12Aaron Lockhart
February 19, 2017In Jesus’ PresenceMatthew 3:11-12Nick Nye
February 13, 2017Keeping with RepentanceMatthew 3:4-10Brad Snyder
February 12, 2017The Result of RepentanceMatthew 3:4-10Aaron Lockhart
February 12, 2017The Fruit of RepentanceMatthew 3:4-10Nick Nye
February 12, 2017A Transformed HeartMatthew 3:4-10Wes Thompson
February 5, 2017The King’s HeraldMatthew 3:1-3Brad Snyder
February 5, 2017A Call to RepentanceMatthew 3:1-3Joe Byler
February 5, 2017Repentance and the KingdomMatthew 3:1-3Aaron Lockhart
February 5, 2017Repentance: The Command and the InvitationMatthew 3:1-3Chris Lawson
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