Missions at Veritas

We send out healthy members to multiply disciples and churches among unreached and unengaged ethnic groups in central Ohio and around the world.

Sending out healthy members

As a church, we seek to send out healthy members that exhibit spiritual maturity, proven character and biblical qualifications. Sending is an ongoing relationship between the one sent out and their local church which includes development, ongoing care, prayer, accountability and committed support.

Multiplying disciples and churches

Through multiplication, the kingdom of God expands. Veritas missionaries are focused on proclaiming the gospel, developing disciples that multiply, and starting reproducing churches. We see this model in the Great Commission passages and in Paul’s ministry throughout Acts.

Unreached/unengaged ethnic groups

Immediately prior to His ascension, Jesus commanded his disciples: “…make disciples of all nations (ethne)…” (Matt 28:18-20). Of the nearly 11,500 ethnic groups extant in the world today, more than 50% (6,800) remain unreached; and more than 25% (3,100) are entirely unengaged with the gospel. The Spirit of Christ in us is grieved by this, and beckons us to faithfulness in “the ministry of reconciliation.” The Veritas community hears that call, has counted the cost, and is committed to strategically multiplying disciples and churches among the unreached/unengaged in central Ohio and around the world. We look forward to the day in which people from every ethne will know redemption through the blood of the Lamb and enjoy His presence forever (Rev 5:9)!



Local: Develop 10 Columbus-based cross-cultural mission teams to multiply disciples and churches among 10 unreached/unengaged ethnic groups in the Central Ohio area by 2020.

Global: Send 20 individuals or families from the Veritas Community to multiply disciples and churches among 20 unreached/unengaged ethnic groups outside the USA by 2020.


Local: Develop and maintain Columbus-based cross-cultural mission teams within the Veritas community to engage the unreached/unengaged ethnic groups extant in Central Ohio.

Global: Develop and send missionaries to (1) pioneer gospel work among ethnic groups that are entirely or virtually unengaged with the gospel; (2) support pre-existing disciple-making movements among unreached ethnic groups via casting vision for and training extant believers to reach both their own people and the unengaged groups around them.

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