Global Missions


Introduction to Veritas Long-Term Overseas Work

Jesus’ final command was to “make disciples of all nations (ethne)”. As with a loved one parting for an indefinite period of time, Jesus’ final words were prioritized. More than that, they highlight his overarching passion, and define the mission of the church. Today, 2000 years after this command was first issued, more than 25% (3,100) of the world’s ethne remain entirely unengaged with the gospel. No disciples have been made in these ethne, and no disciples outside of these ethne have heeded the call to go. Jesus’ description of the worker-harvest ratio in Matthew 9:36-38 is unfortunately still true: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Veritas is constantly praying that the Lord of the harvest will send out more laborers into his harvest, developed within and commissioned by the Veritas body. Your visiting this page strongly suggests you may be an answer to that prayer. If you are of the growing conviction that the Lord is calling you to be a laborer in the untouched, often difficult and even hostile portions of His harvest, this is where the process begins.

What do you have to do to be sent by Veritas as a Long-Term Overseas Laborer?

  • Be a Veritas member for at least one year prior to departure
  • Be an active Community Group participant for at least one year prior to departure
  • Apply for the Veritas Missions Development Program; Undergo the personal assessment interview; and Receive your personal development plan
  • Complete the Veritas Missions Development program (Length: one year)
  • Receive affirmation from the elders following your elder interview
  • Be commissioned by the larger Veritas community
  • Go and make disciples!
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