Local Missions Teams.

Local Missions Teams

Columbus is an increasingly ethnically diverse city. God has seen fit to surround us with a host of people from many of the unreached and even unengaged ethnic groups Jesus tasked us to make disciples of in Matthew 28:18-20. Veritas recognizes its responsibility to faithfully make disciples of and plant churches among these people, and is seizing the opportunity to do so. The primary vehicle for accomplishing this task is Veritas Missions Local Teams. On a weekly basis, team members are in Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and or other communities working toward the establishment of indigenous local churches and disciple-making movements. Engagement of these unreached and unengaged peoples takes place in ethnic restaurants, businesses, parks, centers of worship, etc. Teams meet semi monthly (first and third Sundays) for a time of accountability, encouragement and celebration, coaching and new training.

If you’re interested to learn more, join us at one of our semi monthly meetings (first and third Sundays). Contact Matt Hamilton to let him know that you plan to come.

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