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What does Veritas believe about money?

We believe that money is a tool that God entrusts to us for the purpose of loving and glorifying him through the advancement of the gospel, providing for the needs of your family, and loving people through generosity and hospitality. All of our money is God’s money and therefore it is most effective when used according to His call.

The Book License

The license that Veritas purchased allows for free downloads of “Money: God or Gift” by Jamie Munson exclusively to those who attend Veritas Community Church. Each user may download one type of digital format: .PDF or .MOBI (for Kindle or MOBI reader). Fill out this brief form, and we will send you a password to download the eBook. You are prohibited from sharing or selling the eBook file online. Click here for instructions on how to upload the MOBI file to your Kindle.

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Should Christians have debt?
First off, not all debt is the same. Student loans and mortgages could be wise investments in your future. However, we do see in scripture that debt is compared to slavery. Often, consumer debt is a result of our lack of planning or impulsivity. We aren’t able to be as generous when we’re constrained by debt. If you want advice on how to handle debt, you can fill out our Financial Coaching form.

Should I give while I have debt?
Yes! A heart that’s focused purely on debt reduction isn’t one that’s fully worshipping Jesus. While we do want to take debt seriously we also don’t want to sacrifice the vision and mission of the local church to make that happen.

Should I give when I have student loan debt or while I’m in college?
Yes! Student loan debt is real debt and shouldn’t be entered into lightly and there is wisdom to planning and establishing a career path through education. We’d encourage you to seek wisdom from individuals in your chosen career as to the benefit of taking student loans. Additionally, financial patterns established in college will stick around into adult life. For that reason, we encourage you to give while you’re in college. If you’re faithful with little, you’ll be faithful with much!

How should I split my giving between the local church and para-church or other organizations?
We believe that a Christian’s giving should first be to the local church to ensure its health and well-being (Galatians 6:10). As a part of the Veritas family, we want to care well for each other’s needs. Giving to other organizations can/should be done in addition to giving to your local church.

What does Veritas believe about the tithe?
The tithe or literally giving 10% of income is a concept established in the Old Testament (Numbers 18:21-29). As Christians living under grace, we believe we’re called to generous, sacrificial giving with 10% being a starting point.

How should I setup my budget?
First, you should setup a way to track your current spending. We suggest a tool like Once you have that established, you can use one of these PDF percentage guidelines: singles, couples, families.

How much should I give?
Since all money is God’s money, the question should be, “How much should I keep for myself?” We believe that giving should be generous and sacrificial, meaning that your life should look differently because you give.

How can I give to Veritas?
You can give to Veritas at a gathering with cash, check, or credit card, by mail or online at

Does Veritas have controls for ensuring my contributions are handled safely?
Yes! We take pains to make sure every dollar that comes to Veritas is handled in a responsible, God-honoring way. For example, collections from gatherings are double counted, entered, and deposited as part of a system of checks and balances. More of our policies can be found at


The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn
Money by Jamie Munson
The Word on Finances by Larry Burkett
Sex and Money by Paul Tripp


Financial Coaching at Veritas

Veritas Commitments

As a church we are committed to give no less than 10% of our operating budget directly back to missions. We support various church plants, missionaries, and para-church organizations.

We are committed to being above reproach in how we handle our finances.

  • Sunday Collection

All money received at Sunday gatherings is double counted by at least two unrelated individuals and placed in a drop safe.

  • Expenses

All expense budgets are set by the executive team and are reviewed monthly. All expenses are tracked and verified through monthly bank reconciliation.

  • Salaries

Staff salaries are determined by level of responsibility and are set by the staff executive team and a Volunteer Executive Committee (VEC). The staff executive team researches compensation through a variety of external church surveys and submits the findings along with recommendations for compensation to the VEC for final approval.

  • Staff Giving

All staff are expected to be regular, generous givers to Veritas. Staff giving is audited quarterly.

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