Farewell to the Nyes.

Nye Family

As Veritas Community Church has taken shape in its multi-congregational setting, Nick Nye, the Founding and Lead Pastor of Veritas, has stepped down from his role as Lead Pastor. During his time as Lead Pastor, Nick sensed the role wasn’t utilizing his greatest strengths. The other elders at Veritas affirmed Nick’s decision to step down, and together they explored other pastoral roles for Nick at Veritas. In the process, the Nyes decided to transition out of Veritas.

The counsel of elders worked with Nick Nye to establish a leadership structure that accommodates growth and health for the congregations. This has involved a weight-shifting of responsibilities from a centralized, pastoral presence to local leadership. Therefore, Nick’s transition will result in minimized leadership deficit. Currently, Veritas has no plans to replace or hire for the role of lead pastor.

Nick is transitioning out of Veritas as staff on April 30th, 2017. Veritas will continue to operate collaboratively as a multi-congregational church, sharing personnel and other resources between the Short North, Tri-Village, East, and West congregations.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Praying over the Nyes

Date and Time
July 16, 9:00am and 11:00am

345 E 2nd Ave
Columbus, OH 43201

We are praying over the Nye family at both the Short North Sunday gatherings (9am and 11am) on Sunday, July 16th. This is their last Sunday with us before they move to Manhattan. Nick has accepted a position as their new lead pastor of Apostles Union Square. We hope you can join us at this special time to send them with our love and prayers. To keep up with what the Nye family is doing, check out their blog at nicknye.com.

Personal Statement from Nick Nye

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