One Church - Leadership Council, Pastors at Veritas Community Church

Pictured from left to right: Geoff Davis, Executive Pastor; Wes Thompson, West Lead Pastor; Joe Byler, Short North Lead Pastor; Brad Snyder, Tri-Village Lead Pastor

One Church. Many Congregations.

Veritas, as a whole church made up of three congregations, has been in a season of change and recalibration. Just in this last year, one of our founding pastors transitioned out of Veritas, we closed the doors at our East congregation, and we’ve been hiring new staff. Without knowing the direction Veritas is heading, one could interpret these events without confidence for our future. But in fact, our leadership believes we are turning the page to an exciting chapter in the story of Veritas.

To bring you more closely into the conversation, we are launching a communications campaign on what our pastors are prayerfully aspiring for the church. As members, we want you to know what organizational issues we’re addressing and how you can be more deeply connected to this mysterious and wonderful body of Christ that we are so honored to call our church home, Veritas.

Our theology and mission are the same, but we want to bring clarity to you around our organizational structure. Our pastors are fine-tuning the framework of our multi-site church, and in the meanwhile we want to improve our communication on what is meant by “multi-site” and the “church.”

As mentioned in our last members meeting, we hired Brian Howard of Context Coaching to help us navigate this next season. Brian and his team evaluated Veritas through surveys and interviews with staff, pastors, and other leaders. Context Coaching issued recommendations that we’ve triaged and begun to tackle. While we’re still early on in the process, we’ve worked through some big items and have developed clearer protocols for the way our leaders and congregations work together.

One topic we’d like to address first is how we are structured organizationally as a multisite church. We want to get into the specifics and take our time communicating with you the reasons why multisite is the best organizational structure for us to accomplish our mission to be transformed by the gospel and to transform the city with the Gospel. Then we will move on to covering other topics relevant to members at all our congregations. Through videos, audio segments, and written articles delivered by email, you’ll hear from pastors across all congregations over the next next six to twelve months.

Schedule of Content

A Philosophical Presentation on “Why Multisite” (January – April)

  1. Understanding the Diverse Ways Church Communities are Structured
  2. Why Partnership is Best for Neighborhood-Focused Ministry
  3. Why Partnership is Best for Regional-Focused Ministry
  4. How Churches Effectively Share Resources for Regional and Local Impact

Leadership Structure at Veritas (June – August)

  1. How is leadership at Veritas structured?
      1. How are decisions made?
    1. Budget (funding allocation)
    2. Ministry initiatives
  2. Leadership selection
    1. Hiring
    2. Installation of lay leaders
  3. How are we developing leaders?
    1. Pastor
    2. Deacon
    3. Ministry Leader
    4. Community Group Leader

Membership at Veritas(September – December)

  1. What is formal membership?
  2. Ministries and serving
  3. Community groups
  4. Discipleship and spiritual growth
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