Soul Care

You’re struggling. We’re here to help.

What is Soul Care?

Soul Care helps people to respond to God based on His love for them as explained in the Bible.

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How can I get care?

Follow these steps to begin the process of receiving soul care.


What Soul Care is

Soul Care is a discipleship process of helping people to respond to God based on His love for them as explained in the Bible. We believe this will transform how we live and love others. We believe God invites the individual into a transformation process. Ultimately, it is a change of attitudes in the heart. Our individual discipleship model is a two-way street involving you and a Soul Care team member with the hope of transitioning you more actively into getting care within your Community Group.

Philosophy of Soul Care

What Soul Care isn’t

Soul Care is NOT counseling, as the mental health community understands it. Although some Soul Care team members may hold professional licenses, they are not counseling under those licenses. We make no claims to offer counseling that follows the commonly accepted theories or models of counseling recognized by the mental health community. Any individual desiring such counseling should seek it from a licensed, mental health provider.

Steps to Receiving Soul Care

Print the ‘Informational Agreement’ and ‘Personal Inventory’ documents

Print out the Informational Agreement and Personal Inventory. (If you don’t have access to a printer, please email to set up a time to pick up these forms from the Veritas Offices at 345 E. 2nd Ave. or from another agreed upon location.)

Read the Informational Agreement

Read through the Informational Agreement, note any questions you have. (You will bring this with you to your first meeting with your Soul Care Team Member.)

Fill out Personal Inventory

Fill out the Personal Inventory. This is to get you thinking about what you are going through in a bit more depth. It will help jumpstart our ability to care for you well and know who might be the best fit for you on our team.

Turn in the Personal Inventory

Turn in your Personal Inventory to the Veritas Offices (345 E. 2nd Ave) during office hours (Monday-Thursday from 8am-5pm) or to a Short North pastor on a Sunday.

After this we will take the time to consider and pray through who would be the best person for you to meet with. We will make every effort to have someone set to meet with you within 5 business days of receiving your Personal Inventory. In some cases it may take longer, but we will be in communication with you through that process.

If you feel comfortable doing so, tell your Community Group Leader or a close friend that you are pursuing Soul Care through Veritas. Redemption and change are community projects.

We look forward to meeting with you!

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