376 Took Formations Classes

Veritas unrolled a series of formations classes that helped foster a love for God in the lives of Veritas. There were two types of classes: Core Four and Electives. More than 171 people took the Core 4 classes in 2015. More than 310 people took one of the following electives in 2015.

Core 4
  1. Bible Interpretation
  2. Christian Formation
  3. Christian Mission
  4. Community & Care

Core 4 Details

  1. Marriage Class
  2. Advocates Training
  3. She Has A Name – Anti-Human Trafficking
  4. Mercy & Community Development
  5. Gospel Parenting
  6. Finances & The Gospel
  7. Spiritual Disciplines
  8. How Christ Changes Us
  9. The Book of Acts
  10. Worship, Gathering and the Arts
  11. Common Life Issues
  12. Community Group Leader Bootcamp
  13. Theology of Intimacy and Sex
  14. Seeing Jesus in the Prophets
  15. Cross-Cultural Disciple-Making

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