Baram People – God Was Already There

We were pursuing with Hari’s church in Kathmandu the Baram people, an assumed unengaged ethnic group living in the central hilly region of Nepal. Upon our arrival, we realized that God had already been at work among the Baram, completely under the radar of the global Christian community.

Here’s how a sick Baram man found hope in Jesus and started planting churches:
A Baram man was deathly ill–constant bleed from the nose, inability to walk without falling, etc. The man pursued the witch doctors of various villages, and none could help him. The last witch doctor admitted their inability to help the man, but told him of a people called Christians of whom we heard were praying and seeing the sick healed. The witch doctor had received a copy of the NT from a non-Baram shepherd. He told the man, “Here is their book. ake it and read it.”The sick man read the New Testament in two days, believed and was healed! He returned to his village and told his people of Jesus for five months. The people could not understand his message–they had no categories for what he was saying. Despite persecution, including many attempts on his life, the man persevered in his witness. In time, other sick people were prayed for and healed. Today, there is at least one believer in every home of that man’s village; and it seems every believer either experienced healing him or herself, or they saw a loved one healed in Jesus’ name. This is how God has chosen to reveal Himself to the Baram. Unfortunately, most Baram (i.e., in other villages and on other mountainsides) are still without a witness.

There are currently three Baram pastors, and they are anxious to reach more of their own people, as well as press outward to other ethnic groups who have not yet heard. Via their request, Veritas is returning to the Baram this March (2017) to provide the pastors training in church planting. We will cast vision for them regarding proclamation of the gospel to the various villages and peoples that litter the large valley they live in, as well as to unengaged ethnic groups to their north, near Tibet. Moreover, we will help them develop a plan to accomplish this task, and offer our help in any way they see fit.

Pray the Lord of the harvest will raise up many faithful laborers among the Baram and use them to reap a great harvest in their part of the world and beyond!

Matt Hamilton

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