Community Group – Meyers

In Dec 2013 God uprooted our famiy of three overnight. We landed in Columbus Ohio. He planted us in a community of strangers on the west side. We attended Veritas SN until January of 2015 when shifted to the newly formed Veritas West. In March of 2015 we opened our home to a new group of people. Over the last 9 months we’ve seen God moving through the people in Community Group. We’ve celebrated births, we’ve mourned death, we’ve prayed together, we’ve dined together, we’ve talked about things that aren’t always easy, and we’ve sought Jesus together on a weekly basis.

We have moved from living among strangers to living with family over the last year. God continues to remind our growing family, of four, that He knows the plans He has for us and will provide along the way. Here are some pictures of CG.

– Rob Meyers

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