Continued Growth for She Has A Name.

Continued Growth for She Has A Name

In January, She Has A Name (SHAN) hired our first Program Director. Kari Barrows was brought on as Program Director to create and sustain initiatives that directly serve survivors and those who seek restoration for survivors of human trafficking around our city. Through connections she made with Harrison College, we developed Strategies for Success, a 6-week, 6-credit college class for survivors of trafficking. We are excited to have had 8 women enrolled for our pilot program which began on October 11th. The women are learning soft skills needed to further their education or join the workforce.

Together Kari and Executive Director Amy Gingerich attended a design charette in April. This event was hosted by a group of students from CCAD who heard about the issue of human trafficking from Amy’s then roommate and wanted to use their design degrees for social good. They organized a community round table to assess what was most needed to best care for survivors around the city. The Survivor Care Alliance was born and will be sustained and managed by She Has A Name as a cornerstone of our efforts to be a resource to members of the community caring for survivors.

In June Courtney Schmackers was hired as Development Director for SHAN. She focuses on developing people and processes to ensure SHAN is running efficiently and effectively. Tangibly she leads our Anti-Human Trafficking Training, a three-week course that teaches members of the community to recognize the signs of human trafficking and to use their skills to join the abolitionist movement. In 2016 over 200 individuals learned from this course, but beyond that, more than 100 class graduates went on to become involved in the freedom movement by giving, sharing, and serving with our organization and others around the city.

We have been actively raising awareness at outside events too. She Has A Name attended almost two dozen events in 2016, reaching audiences as far as Portland, Oregon where we were featured at the Throwing Pinecones Gathering. Sales of tee shirts continued with the introduction of a new ethically sourced and organically made tee in January of 2016. The tee features our new silhouette logo designed by volunteer Carli Galat and introduced through refreshed branding in November of 2015. The water color tee is our most popular tee yet, contributing to the more than 175 tees being sold locally and shipped nationally as far as Las Vegas, Nevada during 2016.

We can do nothing apart from what God stirs in the hearts of our amazingly supportive abolitionist community. From benefit events to art donations in the silent auction at Night of Hope to solidarity in prayer, we praise God for what He is doing to seek justice for the oppressed in our city, and that He has chosen us to serve as His hands and feet in this issue.

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  • Date December 15, 2016
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