Grieving and Rejoicing Together

Our community group has transformed from a younger group with many people in college or just out of college, to a group that, while welcoming in new young people and students, has seen many people get married and start families of their own.

With this, we have experienced tragedy and grief together. Multiple couples in our group have suffered through miscarriages, family deaths, and family brokenness. Through this, we have prayed together, spent time to grieve with one another, and tried to just be with one another through these times of pain. We have continued to point each other towards Christ and His promise of a day with no more tears or pain, and have tried to ground each other in that truth.

We have also experienced great joy together, as babies have been born and we have seen God’s blessing through those children. I have seen our group provide meals for one another, pray for one another, and spend time rejoicing and celebrating together. It has been a true reflection of how though it might look different through times of pain and times of celebration, the Lord is always present and always faithful in walking us, as a community, through life’s different struggles and joys.

Josh Martin

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