IFI Volunteers Befriend Internationals with Christ’s Love

At least a dozen Veritas members became new volunteers with International Friendships Inc. in 2016. Veritas volunteers picked international students up from the airport, hosted them in their homes, helped with welcome events, became conversation partners, took a trip to Hocking Hills, opened their homes for a holiday meal, celebrated and exchanged cultural traditions, studied the Bible, and shared their lives. This year marked probably the widest breadth of IFI involvement by Veritas members. Through these relationships, students and visiting scholars from countries like China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Korea experienced Christian hospitality and some heard the gospel for the first time. Just as God welcomed us as aliens and strangers into His family, the volunteers experienced that grace afresh as they extended the unchanging, unending love of Christ to students far from home.

Kaiti Curtin

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