Launched Veritas Dayton

Garrison and Amy Greene were sent out of Veritas Church to plant Veritas Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Currently, they are gathering a core team, sharing the gospel and raising support for the new work.

“Amy and I moved to Columbus from Dayton three years ago to learn from Veritas about church planting, discipleship, and pastoring. In our time hear, we’ve grown to love the people and vision of Veritas to love and reach the city for Jesus. And that’s why we want to plant Veritas Dayton. We want to see a church like Veritas in the city that God has placed on our hearts. In September, we’re making the move back to Dayton to plant a church there with the vision of being transformed by God’s gospel to make disciples of neighborhoods and nations for God’s glory. You can stay up to date with us or give at” GARRISON GREENE

Veritas Dayton

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