Leadership Transitions

Through much prayer, discussion, and the approval and affirmation with elders and members of Veritas, this year we to celebrated a number of leadership transitions!

For a few years, founding Pastor Nick Nye has served in dual roles as the the lead pastor of Veritas’ four congregations across the city in addition to shepherding the Short North congregation as the lead pastor. Effective this May, Nick will transition out of the Short North lead pastor role. He will focus his time as the lead pastor of Veritas by: investing in the congregational lead pastors, catalyzing new works by raising up pastors to plant new churches/congregations both locally and globally, and mobilizing local ministries alongside the central team (central serves all four Veritas congregations) amongst many other responsibilities. He will continue to preach regularly at the Short North congregation and will spend time preaching at the other Veritas congregations.

Starting in May, Joe Byler, officially stepped into the role of lead pastor for the Short North congregation. Joe has faithfully trained and raised up many worship leaders at Veritas and will continue doing so to transition smoothly out of his worship pastor role. He will continue to shape Veritas gatherings and lead worship occasionally but will focus heavily on vision casting, preaching, developing and shepherding the Short North congregation.

With these new leadership structures we are hopeful that Veritas will continue to grow in depth and overall reach across Columbus and beyond.

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