Missions in Shrewsbury, Shropshire – England

The Workmans are a family from the Tri-Village Congregation who have been preparing to live as missionaries in England. While originally planning to be in London, God has called the Workmans to Shrewsbury. Below is an update from the Workmans:

“As we recently shared with you all, we’ve been actively pursuing the possibility of beginning our ministry in the U.K. outside of London.

The city we will be moving to is called Shrewsbury. Located in the county of Shorpshire in the west Midlands–about a three hour train ride north from London–Shrewsbury is a city of about 100,000 people. Self-described as a medieval market town, this is place with significant history and a great deal of ministry opportunity.

Located here is a multi-site church with two campuses: Central and Crowmoor. With the church reaching out to both a new university and an impoverished part of town (in the U.K.’s lowest 10% economically) there is a real need for discipleship and evangelism.

Church leaders Charles and Jude, as well as church members, have recently poured themselves into the business as mission model of ministry, launching a coffee shop called Palmer’s of Shrewsbury (partnered with Kahaila Cafe in London). Our family’s role working with this business on mission means that while our geography is shifting slightly, the type of ministry we are engaged in will remain the same.

We are grateful for the opportunity to join them in this work and excited for what God will do through this ministry partnership.”

– Joel and Julie Workman

Video about Workmans Going to UK

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