Southside Community Groups Serve

Parsons Avenue divides Columbus’s South Side into two landscapes. One is characterized by car lots, prostitution, and liquor stores. The other side is as exclusive as it is lush. A cloud of misconception hovers over Parsons Ave, but four community groups on the South Side are out to dispel that fear and bring people together. Throughout the year, these groups meet at a block party on Parsons Avenue to eat and fellowship. Stowe Mission provides the space and the kitchen. Dublin Baptist provides the food and volunteers. Veritas shows up, not to serve or organize, but to eat with and engage families living on either side. “These block parties are a pamphlet of heaven. The people have nothing in common but Jesus,” says Austin Hill, community group leader on the south side and Associate Director at Stowe Mission. Austin has asked Veritas’s south side groups to embrace this space as a way to meet people who are unlike them. Pray for these community groups from the Short North congregation as they pursue one another with the peace that the gospel brings. To learn more, contact Austin Hill at 937-707-4630 or

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