Jason & I (Katie Lee) were long-distance engaged for some months. In preparation for his move to CBus in February, we started talking about transitioning to (Katie) / joining (Jason) a group that would be close to our future home. I anticipated his move with great expectation and hope for he and I; we prayed frequently that God would provide a strong community- people we could call family. It was important to us because this was Jason’s 5th move in just 3 years. We were instantly welcomed in to the Bowersox community group and it didn’t take more than a couple of months for us to feel that God’s provision was real and powerful. The Bowersox became our marriage mentors and the others became dearly loved ones whom we broke bread with on a weekly basis. In some ways it feels as though we’ve been friends for years. I attribute the hospitality, friendships, mentorship, discipleship, and fun times to God’s grace and clear answer to our prayers.

by Katie Lee

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