Tri-Village Kids, VBS, and Growth


Not only have our children actually matured and grown this past year, but the number of kids who attend each Sunday has grown by roughly 20%. AND it’s likely our church will grown by another 10% this next year just from the number of births we anticipate.


For Tri-Village’s first time, this year’s VBS was a huge success! We had around 60 children sign up as well as about 20 people volunteer to help (many of which were not serving in other areas *not sure if you want to include that*). We learned a lot from Captain Barnacle Brad about how God’s grace is planned, resurrecting, outrageous, overcoming, and forever, and the kids loved it. (some even cried when it was over)


The kids program has always had an outstanding team of volunteers. People with such humble and generous hearts, who are willing to sacrifice their time and serve because they understand that Christ served us first. However, this year was significant for our team because it grew by roughly 50% in the past 12 months! The huge influx of people willing to love on and pour into our children is amazing and exciting to see!


The kids are learning and excited by what they hear in the classrooms. However, I don’t have clear numbers or data convey why I know this; I just general encouraging things I’ve observed over the past year.

  1. The elementary team has been learning the books of the Bible. They are halfway through the Old Testament, and they are often ahead of the teachers in how quickly they pick it up.
  2. A few months back, I taught the preschool class about what Jesus does when he comes and lives in our hearts. At the end of the lesson, I asked if anyone wanted Jesus to live in their hearts, and they responded with an overwhelming and enthusiastic “YES!”
  3. Two weeks ago, I was teaching in the toddler room. During snack, my fellow teacher got out the Beginner’s Bible and asked the children what they wanted to read today. Several of them enthusiastically asked him to read the story of Jesus on the cross not once but TWO times. It was precious to see.

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