Unwavering Faith Through Cancer

One of our elementary children has endured a crippling bout with a cancerous disease, going through many rounds of radiation. As far as we know, she is cancer-free to this point, and has regained the ability to walk since her treatment. The most absurd part of it all is that she has not wavered in her faith in the goodness of God. She trusts God so much, it is nearly impossible to comprehend. Two other elementary kids lost their father for medical reasons that could not be explained. The mom and kids continue to grieve, but the oldest has attended our youth groups and started journaling to process this loss. It has been an extremely difficult time for us as a body, and it is only grace that has held us together and enabled us to praise our Father. It is apparent that the grace of God allows us to love Him when the circumstances are grim, and that this is the very point of salvation…for God to have the glory and victory over sin, discouragement, pain, heartache, darkness, and doubt in people.

Jason Seiple

From the mom at our congregation whose daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous disease last Thanksgiving:

“We had to go to Texas for 6 weeks for radiation and chemo, and then went through 9 rounds of chemo here in Columbus at Children’s. She actually had her last chemo treatment last Friday! She has had a lot of physical therapy to regain full use of her body. Her therapist says she only needs to see her a few more times because she is doing so well! We’re praising God for her healing (especially with the 1 year anniversary of her surgery coming up at Thanksgiving) and praying for continued health that she would remain cancer free!”

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