Vox Veritas Podcast

Since Veritas began, the eVOX newsletter has reported the stories and happenings across all four Veritas congregations. The stories have pointed to what we aim to be: a group of people transformed by the gospel, to transform our city with the gospel.

We continue our stories in podcast format, putting a spotlight on the people of Veritas. Hosted by Pastor Nick Nye, “The Vox Veritas” is a fun and engaging podcast that covers topics you don’t get to unpack during Sunday gatherings. The podcast regularly features the voice of people in the Veritas family. Be prepared to hear from people you already know and from those you’ve never met.

We hope these podcasts help you feel more connected to the people at Veritas and that you continue dialoguing with the interviewees about the topics they address.

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This podcast is hosted by Nick Nye, Pastor of Veritas Community Church

Nick Nye


Nick is responsible for teaching, leadership, and vision.
He is married to Brittany and has four children: Viola, Charlotte, Simone, and Elliott. Nick has a B.A. in Religion from Wright State University and an M. Div. from Southern Seminary.

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