Our desire in worship is to be passionately overflowing with joy in and praise for the truth and grace of Christ. Worship should be conscious — a passionate overflow of the heart in focused praise, song, acts, and words. At Veritas, our worship music is an important expression of conscious praise. Our musicians gather together using their musical gifts to call people to worship, utilizing music as a means to preach the gospel and serve the church. The Bible says that God has given us a new song, and is rife with believers who sang praises to the Lord. We want the music to connect and provide an avenue for praise and the joyful expression of the good news of the gospel.

We also desire to worship continuously in the way we live, speak, think, and spend our time, money, energy, and focus as a constant overflow of our love for and faith in Christ. Where your treasure lies, there your heart will also be (Matthew 6:21). Our ultimate desire is for Christ to be our greatest treasure and to praise Him with every passion and purpose in our lives — in times of sorrow and of blessing. Joy is a state of being, one that we seek as we are sanctified day-by-day, and our worship is the reflection of our joy in the Lord’s saving grace.

Sermon on Worship

Our Worship Gatherings


Our Sunday worship is not a haphazard arrangement of music, prayer, and teaching, but rather a carefully structured series of movements or phases. Because we believe our God is a god of order, we prepare each week’s series of prayer, song, readings, and teaching in light of this design with the gospel as the heart of our structure.


Just as we believe God is a god of order, we also believe He is a god of creativity. Veritas is blessed to have talented musicians willing to serve the body with their creative gifts by leading us in unified worship through song. Once again, the gospel is the heart of each Sunday’s musical choices and arrangements, providing the church with a powerful expression of praise.

Veritas Music is intended to not only lead the church in a conscious outpouring of worship, but also as another way to preach the gospel to ourselves. Music, then, becomes more than a melody or lyrics, but rather a way to more deeply connect to and worship God.


The Bible is God’s Word revealed to us. Each Sunday, we dig into the books of the Bible, seeking to apply its truth to our lives and to grow closer to God as we wrestle through the text. At Veritas, our hope is to encourage learning through our instruction — to urge you to be engaged learners seeking to know God personally and deeply.

Communion/Lord’s Supper

Each week, as we go out into the world, we forget whose we are, and at each Sunday gathering, we partake of the bread and the cup to remember Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf — that in Him, we are beloved sons and daughters. Jesus commanded that we share in this rite, and it has been observed by all Christians in all times and places, connecting us in a very tangible way to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Veritas Kids

Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, for they shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 19:14). Children are a vital part of our church body and we want them to feel loved and encouraged as much as our older members. In this spirit, we demonstrate our love and dedication to these children in a safe environment where they can grow in their own walk with God, learning the power in God’s Word through song and instruction.

Veritas Kids offers a safe place for children to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus, existing with the hope to see their lives transformed by the gospel. Through carefully planned lessons that tell the stories of the Bible, it is our desire to creatively engage with the kids, offering a safe environment where they can encounter Jesus. Most importantly, we encourage and support families as the primary place of discipleship in their children’s lives. We offer resources to parents and aid as they guide and grow their children in light of the gospel.

Veritas’ Kids offers children’s ministry at each of our Sunday gatherings for infants through fifth grade.

Older children (above fifth grade) are encouraged to participate in the worship gathering with their parents.

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