Veritas Gathered: Preparing for Sunday – November 24th, 2013


This week our sermon will come from Romans 15:14-16.  In this letter Paul is rejoicing with the church about how he has seen the gospel at work within them. Join us Sunday as we do the same thing. We are going to gather as a church body and intentionally spend time rejoining at what the gospel has done within and throughout our body.


C: We give You thanks, great God, for the hope we have in Jesus, who died but is risen and rules over all. We praise You for His presence with us. Because He lives, we look for eternal life, knowing that nothing past, present, or yet to come can separate us from Your great love made known in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

—A prayer from the Common Book of Worship

This is the God that we trust in and have committed to following. He has so lovingly sacrificed his son, Jesus, in order that we may be reconciled to Him, which has taken us from being His enemy and made us His family. It is this very truth that allows us to trust in grace, forgiveness, and redemption, leading us to confidently live our lives in pursuit of Gospel transformation.


Check out this list of some of the songs we will be singing together this week:

  • “Compel My Heart To Sing” – an older song that reminds us that the gospel should cause our hearts and souls to sing out in rejoicing.
  • “Satisfied In You” – allows us to declare that our satisfaction is in God alone!
  • “Thy Mercy, My God” – a beautiful hymn that celebrates the vast and often overwhelming mercy of our gracious and loving God.

Here is a link to a Spotify playlist.

Even though our arrangements might be slightly different, listen through these songs and see the great truths that they speak about our God and then come prepared to sing them out loudly and joyfully as a gathered church.

See you Sunday!