Veritas Gathered: Liturgy Recap – March 9th, 2014

Welcome to the recap of the songs, hymns and spiritual song of the Veritas worship gathering on March 9th, 2014.

Song: “Truly Today” by Liz Vice

Reading: Call to Worship

L: Praise the Lord! Let us give thanks to the Lord with our whole heart, together as one community and voice, let us worship God!
C: Great are the works of the Lord. We remember and delight in the amazing things He has done!
L: He is full of splendor and majesty and His righteousness endures forever. He is gracious and merciful. The works of His hands are faithful and just; He sent redemption to His people; He has commanded His covenant forever.
C: Holy and awesome is the Lord! His praise endures forever!

—Based on Psalm 111

Song: “O Fount of Love” by Matt Boswell and Matt Papa

Reading: Confession/Assurance

L: Righteous God, in Christ You became sin for us. You took what we are so that we might become what You are. But we confess that often we ignore our sin. We confess that too often we do not confess. We keep silent about the sin that clings to us. But our sins are too great a burden for us. In this season of Lent, may You remind us of our brokenness. May You reveal to us our desperate need of Your grace. May we be faced with our mortality and sin so that we will turn to You in repentance.
C: Forgive us, O God. In Christ, take away our iniquity. We confess our sins, that we might rejoice and be glad in You and in the righteousness that flows over us as a mighty stream of grace. In Christ we pray, Amen.

—Adapted from the Reformed Worship Journal, 34:19

Song: “Great Is Your Name” by Marc James

Song: “Abide With Me” by Henry Francis Lyte and William Henry Monk

Passing of the Peace

Our Sermon this week was from Nick Nye from Genesis 2:1-3

Listen to the sermon online here.

Song: “It Is Well” by Deborah Criser and Horatio Gates Spafford

Song: “You Alone” by Anthony Evans

Reading: Commitment

L: Christ, our divine Redeemer, Your faithfulness to Your people is seen throughout Your Word. Your goodness is plainly seen in our redemption, how You became sin for us and conquered all of our enemies. Your strength is seen in how You endured the extremes of God’s wrath, and erased our failure to live up to God’s standards.
C: Your love is seen in Your resurrection, in Your sacred wounds, erasing every fear and every doubt.
L: Now, our King and Conqueror, You’ve ascended to heaven, crowned and enthroned, praying for us, protecting us, and providing for us by the power of Your Spirit until the time comes for You to receive us there.
C: May we live in repentance, rest in Your grace, and live victoriously in the Gospel. Amen

Song: “Be Thou My Vision” by Mary Elizabeth Byrne and Eleanor Henrietta Hull


Hear this benediction as we go:

L: Go from this place walking according to the Spirit and not to the flesh. Go confidently knowing that you are in Christ and are no longer condemned! Go and rejoice in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Peace be with you. 
C: And also with you.