Veritas Gathered: Preparing for Sunday – April 6th, 2014


The sermon this week will be taken from Genesis 4:1-26. We will be looking at the most likely familiar story of Cain and Abel this week. The two brothers are very polarizing figures and we can probably relate to characteristics of both of them. Join us as we strive to learn more deeply about the nature of the sin in our lives and our desperate need for salvation through Christ.


L: Eternal Father, you are good beyond all that we can comprehend, but we are vile, wretched, miserable, blind; Our lips are ready to confess, but our hearts are slow to feel and reluctant to worship.
C: Wound us, break us, bend us, mould us for your glory. Unmask to us the corruption of our hearts. For our sins we mourn, lament, and cry for pardon in your Son. Give us the fullness of godly repentance that mourns and laments, yet trusts and loves. 
L: Grant that through the tears of repentance we may see more clearly the brightness and glories of the saving cross, Amen.
—Adapted from the Valley of Vision pray: Yet I Sin

This is our liturgy of confession this week. Please take some time and read through this, not just to read it, but


Check out this list of some of the songs we will be singing together this week:

  • “Wait” – A song of exultation speaking of the might of God and his renewing power in our lives!
  • “Empty Me Out” – A theologically rich song speaking of our new identity in Christ.
  • “Only Your Blood” – A Veritas staple reminding us of the truth that only Christ’s blood is enough to atone for our sins.

Here is a link to a Spotify playlist.

Even though our arrangements might be slightly different, listen through these songs and see the great truths that they speak about our God and then come prepared to sing them out loudly and joyfully as a gathered church.

See you Sunday!