Veritas eVox Weekly Update [7.16.14]

Open Door, Open House


    My family and I moved to North Columbus (Salem Village) a month or so ago. My wife, Laura, and I both feel God’s calling on us to keep an “open door, open house” policy, meaning that our home is not simply a place for our family to live, but also a gathering place, to share life together, a place for for us to encourage our friends, family, neighbors, and for others to come and pour into us. So when we were asked to host one of the five parties sponsored by Veritas to celebrate the Fourth of July, we were up for the challenge.

We had started meeting our neighbors as soon as we moved in and knew this would be a great opportunity to invite some of them to our new place, to get to know them, and for them to get to know us as well as other Veritas folk. The party was amazing! We had 50 people show up! We had a family come that we met rock climbing at Scioto Audubon park and two new families who have visited Veritas (that had just moved from out of state a few weeks prior) came and got to meet Pastor Brad and other Veritas friends. We also had 10 neighbors come and welcome us to the neighborhood and we had the chance to get to know them a little bit.

The chaos of hosting and talking with people made it a busy time. But it was such a great example of community as I would look around and see a Veritas family, talking and engaging with our neighbors, helping us make them feel welcome! Honestly, we couldn’t have provided such an engaging atmosphere alone. They dug in and helped us engage with others, welcome new neighbors, talk with friends, new and old. We were blessed to play this minor role in opening our front door and back yard to host this party and we feel so thankful that we are engaged and connected with other Veritas members, who share the same heart of loving God and loving others in this city.

I want to encourage everyone, in one way or another, to live with an open door and an open heart. Don’t get me wrong, it is OFTEN messy, chaotic, and tiring. However, let’s not forget that we were lovingly welcomed into the family of God, through Jesus’ life and death. We have an obligation to be sacrificial and generous towards each other, as well as those who don’t know him. All you need to do to start is be willing to open your door.

Written by Josh Scheutzow, Tri-Village worship leader and leader of a

North Columbus community group.

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Visual Arts Collective

Wednesay, July 23rd at 7:00pm

The Veritas Visual Arts Collective is open to all visual artists of all mediums from amateur to professional. This collective explores ways to collaborate, encourage, and challenge each other as we use the gift of arts to serve and encourage our church, community, and beyond. The Visual Arts Collective meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm at the Short North Congregation.

Veritas Foundations

Friday & Saturday, July 25th-26th

Veritas Foundations is a class that talks about everything that makes us what we are as a church and who we are as believers. These classes are required to become a member. Find more info and register on our website.

Veritas City Bible School

August 4th-August 7th

This year’s City Bible School “Building Blocks” kicks off on Monday, August 4th at 6pm.CBS is a week long experience for kids ages 4-14 years old. More info and registration is available on our website.

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Volunteer Coordinator Needed

This fall, Veritas will start a partnership with the Columbus Tutoring Initiative to provide tutors for second and third graders at Weinland Park Elementary school. We are looking for a Volunteer Coordinator to give 2-3 hours a week to coordinate this partnership. If you are pursuing a career in Education and/or have a heart for Weinland Park with a gifting in volunteer coordination, you are perfect for this job. If you’re interested, email Amy Byler for more information. We’re excited about this opportunity to invest in our local school!

Milo-Grogan Playground

Milo-Grogan West playground finally has a build date! SERVE C’BUS has been working with the Lord Jesus Christ Church in Milo-Grogan to secure funding and partnerships for this safe play space for Milo-Grogan kids. The build date is on Saturday, August 2nd, and we’re in need of 30 volunteers to help with kid’s activities, food/hospitality, and prepping the lot/building the playground. If you can be there, contact Amy Byler or Ryan Johnson.


Join your community in supporting Weinland Park food pantries. Volunteers from Veritas will be helping to maintain garden plots the NNEMAP and Vinyard Church food pantries this summer. If you’re interested in signing up for a shift, or want to get your community group involved in a regular rhythm of service at the gardens, email Kelly Lash. 

Sermon Series

Genesis: The Gospel

According to Joseph

Genesis is the first book of the Bible and introduces the first act in the drama of redemption. It tells us about the beginning of creation; it tells us about the beginning of sin in the world and the fall of humanity; it tells us about the beginning and formation of the people of God—Israel and the church; but most of all it points us to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This Week: Genesis 38:1-30

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