5 Things I Want Parents to Know


1. Veritas Kids is all about Jesus

Veritas Kids exists to see the lives of children transformed by the Gospel. Our vision is for your kids to intimately know Jesus. Everything we do is centered on that. Each interaction we have with your children, every lesson we teach, every policy that’s in place, it all exists to point the kids of Veritas to Jesus.

2. We desire to be a resource to parents.

We believe that biblically, parents have received the primary call to pass the Gospel to their children.  We believe that the church is meant to be a resource, helping parents carry out their calling.  We are here to walk in truth alongside you as you raise your children.  This is our promise to you in Baby Dedications. We ask the body of the church:

Church, will you commit to seek God and seek gospel change in the way you live before these children? Will you commit to pray for these children—that they will grow to love Jesus and trust in Him? Will you commit to teach them the gospel through both your words and your example? Will you commit to partner with these parents—holding them accountable and confronting their sin? Will you commit to pray for them and encourage them as they face the trials of parenting? Will you commit to serving and loving these parents and children through practical ways as a demonstration of the Gospel?

Our response, our promise to parents, is this:

With joy and thanksgiving, as Christʼs church, with Godʼs help, We promise to love, encourage, serve and support you As you follow Christ and train your children in the faith.

Things like the Sword Bible Memory handouts, the family devotional that accompanies our curriculum, and the Gospel @ Home workshops are all resources for parents to assist you as you raise your kids in the Gospel.  And we’re constantly searching for more such as this.

3. We’re online.

Follow us on Twitter.  Join our groups on The City (each congregation has a group). Download the Veritas App.  Our Sword Bible Memory is available each week through these various avenues.  We also send out helpful articles, announcements, and more.  All of our resources are available right at your fingertips.

4. We value your feedback

No ministry is perfect and we are no exception.  Ultimately, we rely on the Lord for His help and His strength to guide and carry out the ministry of Veritas Kids.  But we are here for parents so we believe hearing for you is also helping in guiding our ministry.  Comments, questions, suggestions, encouragement, and more are all valuable to Veritas Kids.  Email us or talk to us on Sunday morning.  Help us walk with you faithfully as you raise your children in the Gospel.

5. We love your kids and getting to serve the families of Veritas.

The kids at Veritas are the goofiest, craziest, most loving kids around.  While Sunday mornings can be a bit chaotic at times, it brings so much joy to see kids who love coming to church and learning about Jesus.  There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a kid’s face light up when they know the answer to a question about the Bible.  They long to know Jesus and God is at work in even the littlest of hearts.  It’s so fun and life-giving to spend time with your families and see the Lord at work.

by Lizzie Kiser
Kids Ministry Assistant


Here’s what some of our volunteers have to say about serving with Veritas Kids:

Jessica Hetrick

I really enjoy serving because God gives me strength and desire to sacrifice my time to serve the parents, children, and staff of Veritas. I have been able to see God move in my own life by leaning on him for energy and patience. It is also very fun to listen to the children pray and begin to understand what their Savior, Jesus, did on the cross for them!

Kaylee Enscoe

I love it. I feel like I kind of stumbled into serving and it was totally The Lord giving me an unexpectedly beautiful blessing in my life. I have found so much joy in just seeing these kids every week. I love who they are, their individuality and in those little moments when I think they really get the gospel. They teach me more about unconditional love then I ever thought possible from a bunch of toddlers.

Joshua Lister

Truthfully I did not have a particular spiritual passion for serving in the kids ministry when I first volunteered. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me and my fiancé to serve together and I knew it was something that she would enjoy. I was often surprised by the joy that I felt while serving. Moments when kids would express a genuine understanding of a message or the few moments when they seemed eager to learn were particularly rewarding. I also had a lot more fun serving than I expected. It has been encouraging to see God work in the Veritas Kids Ministry both in my heart and also the hearts of the kids involved.

Anna Scarff

Serving with the infants is a total blast! They make my heart so happy and I find so much joy in hanging out with them and loving them while their parents get to attend the service.

Katie Lucius

I always find joy in hearing the kids pray and articulate the stories that we try so dearly for them to understand. Their little comments here and there about Jesus are so encouraging to me. It is also awesome to see them sing the Rizers songs! I know sometimes with the toddlers the hope is just to keep them wrangled in and it can be tiring, but they really do understand the stories and who Jesus is. I have loved seeing these little ones grow up before my eyes.

Hannah Tyrrell

I love being able to work with the kids every week. It makes me so happy when their faces light up during the bible story or when they work together to play a game or solve a problem. It is encouraging to see the direct impact my service can have on their life and their personal relationship with Christ.

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