Veritas Gathered: Liturgy Recap – February 8th, 2015

Welcome to the recap of the songs, hymns and readings of the Veritas worship gathering on February 8th, 2015

This week we continuing our series on the book of Acts and are having Baptisms! This Sunday’s message is titled “The Day of Pentecost” and the sermon text for this first week is Acts 2:1-41. This this very significant passage as it speaks directly to the day of Pentecost. Here was where everyone in attendance heard the Galileans speak in their own tongues as they received the Holy Spirit! As we go through this very historical book lets open our ears and our hearts to hear from God through His Word. We will start by singing “All Creatures”

Song: “All Creatures”


L: Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for He is our God and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care.
C: If today we hear God’s voice, we must not harden our hearts; we must follow Him.
L: To a world dry and thirsty, God has poured out Living Water. To a world fainting and breathless, God has stirred a mighty wind. To a world cold and dark, God has ignited the flame of His Spirit and revealed His glory and presence.
C: Let us respond in worship, for the Spirit has come! Let’s sing to the Lord! Let us tell the world that God has saved us through Jesus! Let us thank Him from the bottom of our hearts. Let us sing songs of praise to Him.

—Based on Psalm 95

Song: “Bless the Lord (Son of Man) – Anthony Evans”


L: Almighty God, You have called us to be the church, to continue the mission of Jesus Christ to our lost and confused world. Yet we acknowledge our unbelief and that we are often more apathetic than active, isolated than involved, callous than compassionate, obstinate than obedient, legalistic than loving. 
C: Gracious Lord, have mercy upon us and forgive our sins. By Your Holy Spirit, continue to make us more like Your Son, Jesus, that in all things, we would rest in and believe in Him as our Savior and trust in Your sovereign work. This we pray in Jesus’ powerful name. Amen.
—Adapted from The Worship Sourcebook

Song: “Sovereign God – Maurette Brown Clark”


Because of Christ’s work on the cross, his death and resurrection, we have been brought back into communion with our God! Because of Jesus, we can sing out with confidence, “In life and death, Lord, Abide with me.”. Our God is with us! We have peace with our creator, our Father. And that same peace is among us this morning, because the Spirit of God unifies us together in Christ! Lets demonstrate this together as we take a few moments to greet each other.


Our Sermon was from Nick on Application IN | The Day of Pentecost 

Song: “Jesus at the Center – Israel Houghton”


L: Jesus’ death brings us life and this meal reminds us that we are fed by Jesus and forgiven because of Jesus.
C: We rejoice that You have died, have risen, and are now with the Father advocating for us. Amen.
L: With our money, time, and talent we give generously, knowing that through Your Son, Jesus, You have generously given to us.
C: We rejoice that You have given everything and we joyfully give everything back to Your care. Amen.

Song: “Grace Alone – The Modern Post”


Song: “In Christ Alone ”


Go in confidence as God’s dearly loved children and live by the Spirit in all you do, resting secure in your hope and Savior Jesus Christ. Peace be with you.