This Isn’t Babysitting – The Mission of Veritas Kids

“We are transformed by the gospel to transform the city with the gospel.” That’s the vision that fuels everything we do at Veritas and our kids’ ministry is no exception. Veritas Kids exists to see the lives of children transformed by the gospel. That means the goal is to intentionally seek hearts changed by the gospel for every person who walks through the doors of our church, regardless of age. Whether 5 years old or 50 years old, we are all broken, sinful people in need of a savior. So while it truly is a blessing to allow parents to participate in worship gatherings, it is not the exclusive goal of Veritas Kids. It’s not about babysitting. It’s about gospel transformation.”

Everything that happens on a Sunday morning is an intentional act in hopes of the gospel being communicated to the children of the church. From the moment a family walks in, they are greeted and welcomed into the church just as Christ welcomed them (Matthew 19:14). Our check- in procedure ensures a safe environment that allows parents to feel at ease. Our volunteer application process allows parents to know that they can trust the people that are with their children. Our volunteers are Godly men and women who come highly recommended from others within the church and each has been carefully considered for their position by completing an application, interview, reference, and background check. The volunteer schedule provides consistency so that kids and teachers can build relationships and friendships because experiencing community is important for both adults and children. All of these exist to communicate the gospel even before a Bible is opened or the name of Jesus is uttered.

Then there are the lessons themselves. Each Sunday lesson includes a combination of prayer, worship, bible stories, scripture memory, and object lessons. While the lessons are different for each class to be age appropriate, all are rooted in the Word of God. And each lesson explicitly points to Jesus. We’re not interested in raising moral kids who know how to be good people; we want kids that know who Jesus is and trust Him with their lives. Each story ends by pointing to the cross—either the foreshadowing shown in each Old Testament story or the reality the New Testament lives in light of. No matter the day or the scripture passage used, the name of Jesus is proclaimed that kids may hear of His glorious deeds and set their hopes in Him (Psalm 78:5-8). This isn’t babysitting; this is the gospel at work in our church and our kids.

by Lizzie Kiser, Veritas Kids Short North Coordinator

If you are interested in volunteering as a teacher or helper, please let us know. Teach lessons during a Sunday gathering. Help out at our next Music Camp, or serve during our annual City Bible School (CBS).

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